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  • Ground Floor, Building # 417, 18th November St., Al, Muscat, Oman
  • Email: info@Cedrus-Holding.com



Cedrus Holding for Entrepreneurship, Society & Economic Activities Development, & Creating a Suitable Platform for Charitable Activities has Started its Activities Since 2010 with the Help of a Team Consisting of Specialized Forces. This holding company consists of large companies around the world that are active in various fields. What will help us in the future is always the development of cooperation with more partners in different parts of the world, so hereby declares its readiness to negotiate and cooperate with activists, and we hope you will be in touch with us through the existing communication channels.
We are specialized in following services:

Trading Services Departments:

Cedrus Commercial Area Services

Cedrus Holding's Trading Services Departments

Cedrus Holding Commercial Division is active with a highly skilled and experienced team in the fields of oil and gas, petrochemicals, agricultural products, medical equipment, food industry, steel industry, global electronics, construction industry and construction materials.

    • Oil & Gas
    • Petrochemicals
    • Agricultural Products
    • Medical Equipment
    • Food Industry
    • Steel Industry
    • Electronics Industry
    • Construction Materials

Agriculture Area Services:

Trading Services Departments

Cedrus Holding's Agriculture Services

Cedrus Agricultural Group with a technical and engineering approach in the agricultural sector, creates a legal structure in different countries and implements knowledge-based agricultural activities.

    • Production of all agricultural, horticultural, livestock and aquatic products
    • Providing management services in the agricultural sector, including project design, project implementation, project management
    • Providing educational services including holding direct and indirect trainings
    • Providing input supply services
    • Chemical & Biological fertilizers, macro and micro fertilizers, seeds and seedlings, raw materials, greenhouse structures
    • Feeding livestock and poultry, etc
    • Active Now In Uzbekistan, Oman, Iran, South African & ...
    • E-Commerce System

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