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  • Ground Floor, Building # 417, 18th November St., Al, Muscat, Oman
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Cedrus Holding's Agriculture Services

Agricultural Section Consultation, Design & Performance of Agricultural Projects

We Make Projects Economic By “Project management”


A Brief Observation

Agriculture Is a Way to Achieve Food Security, So Countries Consider "Agricultural Development" In Their Executive Policies. Agricultural Sector of Cedrus Holding, Possess Specialized Companies in The Field of Agricultural Management & Developments in Various Countries Such as the Republic of Uzbekistan.

these Companies Fulfil the Coming Goals, By Using Modern Knowledge & Technology:

  • Enhancing Quality in Production
  • Increasing Efficiency Per Unit Area
  • Decreasing Costs of Production

Agricultural Companies Design & Perform Agricultural Projects Dependent on Technical & Engineering Knowledge & Also Applying New Methods "Management & Planning". in This Projects a Special Attention Is Paid to Reducing the Rate of Local Unemployment & Economic Achievements. Cedrus Holding Is a Designer & Executor of International Agricultural Projects in Various Countries Does the Primary & Field Studies, Present Business Plans, Planning for Supply Inputs, Designing of Processing & Conversion Industries Marketing, Education & Research in The Field of Agriculture.



  • Systemic Observation in Executive Activities
  • Significant Economic Achievements in Big Companies Have Been Created Due to the (System) In Management. There Are Certain & Detailed Relationships Among Structure of Decision Making, Support, Finance, Execution & Supervision of The Project in Holding.

  • Utilization Of Modern Knowledge & Technology
  • All Activities Are Based on Technical & Engineering Rules. The R & D Team of The Company, Always Provides Necessary Feedback for System.

  • Utilization Of Information Technology
  • Making Executive Management Systems & Supervision of Production Unit, Smart Is Done for Speed of Decision Making, Development of Quality & Quantity & Reducing Costs.


Executive Policies:

Conservative Agriculture & Produce Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) & Organic Product for Environmental Protection.

 Project Management:

  • Cost Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communication Management
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management


 Human Resources:

The Human Resources in Agricultural Sector in The Holding Are Professional Staff with Academic Educations. In Terms of Organizational Structure, The Managers of The Company Are Experienced More Than 25 Years in Agricultural Management in The Fields of Managing Project, Agricultural & Horticultural Engineering, Animal Husbandry & Aquatics, Agricultural Industries, Herbal, Agricultural Mechanization, Plant & Animal Nutrition, Water & Soil Engineering & Information Technology Engineering. Various Specialized Executive & Generative Companies Cooperate with The Holding as Consultant & Technical Support. These Teams Are Responsible of Supplying Machinery, Equipment, Factors, Tubes & Connections, Sprinklers Irrigation Systems & Other Necessities.

 Professional Teams of The Company:


  • Specialized Engineering Company in Data Processing & Designing the Plan
  • Specialized Consulting, Design, Product & Performance of Irrigation Systems Company
  • Consulting, Analyzing Information & Preparing Lands Company.
  • Specialized Consulting, Design & Performing Greenhouse Systems Company
  • Consulting & Managing Systems & Economics Agricultural Company.
  • Specialized Company in Designing Smart Agricultural Systems
  • The Company of Machinery Production & Equipment & Agricultural Facilities.

 proff team


Customer Services:

  • Estimation Of Lands & Preparing Topographic Map for Land Leveling, Sloping & Design of Water Supply Pipe Networks.
  • Designing And Performing Drip Irrigation Systems Center Pivot, Linear, Roll Line & etc.
  • Analyzing Water & Soil & Also Formulating Nutritious Plant Program.
  • Designing And Performing Smart Software Systems.
  • Formulating Mechanization Program, Providing & Adjusting Machines & Implements.
  • Formulating Of Specialized Agricultural Justificatory Plans.
  • Consulting, Designing, Performing & Managing Greenhouse Systems, Earthen or Hydroponic
  • Consulting, Designing, Performing & Managing Livestock Systems, Light & Heavy.
  • Consulting, Designing, Providing Machinery, Performing & Managing Agricultural Industry Units.
  • Consulting, Designing & Performing Professional Agricultural Industries Buildings Like Warehouses, Cold Storage, Hangars, Garage.
  • Professional Management of Agricultural Farms.
  • Marketing Agricultural Products.
  • Educational & Exhibition Services And etc.






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